Fin's Father
Fin's father
Name Fin's Father
Kanji フィンの父
Romanji Fin no Chichi
Status Deceased
Species Human
Gender Male
Relatives Fin (son)
Manga Debut Oneshot (Part 1)
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Fin's Father (フィンの父, Fin no Chichi) was the leader of troops that invaded the land of Albion, he died in the battle with the wyvern's.




Fin's Father commanding the troops

Commanding the troops to advance

Fin's Father was first seen commanding the troops to attack the wyverns, when they invaded Albion. Moments later, after the end of the battle, he was seen on the ground dying, yet glad his lad opponent was such formidable. A wyvern named Durandal asked him, why did he picked up the sword and wrecked havoc in his homeland. He gave his reasons, that Rome deprived his village of resources, so to survive he had to threw away his warrior's honor and joined Rome.

Fin's Father final moments

Final moments and request

He then told Durandal to escape, since the 2nd battalion is coming soon and then asked for a favor, that if Durandal ever meets his son, Fin, to tell him that his father died with honor.