Name Dominitianus
Kanji ドミティアヌス
Romanji Domitianusu
Gender Male
Manga Debut Oneshot (Part 1)
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Emperor Domitianus (ドミティアヌス, Domitianusu) ruled the Roman Empire in A.D. 85. He loves seeing strong warriors fighting each other, so he made Durandal and Fin to fight to death, giving freedom to the winner.



Domitianus is a cruel sadist who enjoy watching strong opponents fight to the death going so far to stage a fight between friends and those who knows each other so he could watch them kill each other.


Domitianus was first seen watching the victory of Fin over an Orc. He got interested and wanted a meeting with his dominus. He told him that he is interested in Fin, since he is strong fighter and there is nothing more interesting than watching two strong fighters fight. After hearing that Fin, was the only human who was taught by the last wyvern, he got even more interested and wanted to talk with the wyvern too. He told Durandal that he knows he don't want to fight in the arena, but if he agrees on 1 fight, if he will, he will be given freedom. He told Durandal, that his opponent will be Fin, the boy he taught to fight and if he refuses, he will kill both of them.

On the next day, Durandal and Fin were facing each other on the arena. But since Fin didn't wanted to fight him, and lowered his sword, Domitianus told him that he gave him a change to kill the wyvern and avenge his father, who were killed by Durandal 15 years ago. Seeing the fight of life and death between Fin and Durandal, he felt satisfied. But since Durandal didn't died, he gave an order to Fin to finish him off, instead Fin cut Durandal's chain and set him free. That angered Dimitianus who gave an order to kill both of them. Seen Fin slaying the romans, he gave an order to the archers to shoot, but Fin was protected by Durandal's wing. He become even more angry, seeing how Fin and Durandal were able to escape the arena and head towards Durandal's homeland.